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A trip to the newest old city: Berlin

4t ESO
Last April, most of 4th ESO students went to Berlin on a class trip. Read the account of the trip and their impressions in their own words:
L'estadi de Mercedes Benz Arena

"This trip was an unforgettable experience. We started to think about it at the beginning of the year, and it was always somewhere in our minds during school time. The preparation, the feelings, the worries and the most amazing experiences were about to begin."

Valentina Voloceai, 4th ESO C

"We went to Berlin the week after Easter, from 4th to 8th April. We stayed there almost a week. My first impression when I saw the hostel was that it was old because the outside was made of bricks, but when we entered it wasn't old. It was all quite new and there were lots of rooms, a small garden, a big hall, a big dining room and also a swimming pool and a sauna. It was a good hostel."

Èlia Hernández, 4th B

Divertida imatge a Berlín amb on veiem l'Anna al centre.

"I enjoyed a lot all the places we visited, but the place I liked the most was the Jewish quarter, because the monuments and the buildings you can find there are very beautiful and moving. When we were visiting the quarter and the guide was explaining things about it, I felt lucky about what I have and who I am, because Jewish people didn't have the liberty that I have and the things that I have. I think I will never forget this trip because I learned a lot of new things such as the history of the city and the famous motto "Live and let live", and I lived unforgettable experiences."

Anna Francès, 4th C

"Our trip to Berlin was very special to me, because I had never travelled outside Spain before, and my dream is to explore the world. When we arrived in Berlin, the first thing I said was: "the air is so fresh!""

Georgina Gironès, 4th B

"It was a new experience for me because I had never travelled with my classmates before and we enjoy a lot when we are together. I loved the city, it was wonderful and full of history. There were many shops and I could buy a lot of souvenirs for my family and clothes for me."

Maria Garroset, 4th A

"We mostly visited museums, cathedrals, important memorials and monuments. We also went to a concentration camp, which was a big impact and really opened our eyes and blew us away. Thinking about how times have changed really impressed us. I liked Berlin a lot, not only because of the culture but also because I love the language and people are really organized, they stick to their plans no matter what. It was also a lot of fun because I spent five days with my best friends and without my parents."

Tess Verghagen, 4th C

Holocaust Memorial

"The Holocaust Memorial blew my mind away. The history of the Holocaust and what victims went through is really shocking. It was an amazing experience."

Marina Peniza, 4th C

"The city has good vibes because it's cosmopolitan and there are people from different countries sharing their traditions, culture and way of thinking. Also, there are always things to do or visit in Berlin".

Sonia Lozano, 4th B

"If you look, everybody has things in common, the way they walk, their schedules... This makes you feel a foreigner when you arrive and doesn't fit. But this wasn't my case. I felt I could be whoever I wanted to, because nobody would judge me, and I found parts of myself that believed lost."

Tania Almendos, 4th A

"I tasted a lot of new food, like the currywurst. It's a speciality of Berlin. It's a curried sausage. Berlin is a very big town with a lot of shops and outlets. The city is very active. Also, I was with my friends."

Míriam Romero, 4th A

"There were great moments. On the last night 20 classmates gathered in a room and listened to music, laughed and spoke a lot. At 11pm we had to be silent but we weren't. So the security guards came and sent everybody to their room. Berlin has been a great trip because it was special and it was the last trip with my high school class."

Natalia González, 4th C

"On the fourth day we visited the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. It was very interesting but very impressive. We learned a lot of things about the Holocaust and the 2nd World War."

Alba Boada, 4th B

"I liked the trip because I went with my classmates and I hadn't been abroad before. The trip was fantastic because Berlin is a beautiful town and it has many fabulous monuments. The return to Spain was stressful because there were a lot of other students from other schools in the plane. I wanted to sleep but they were shouting all the time and it was impossible."

Pol Esteban, 4th B

"I think that it's been the best trip of my life because the city is very beautiful and I had a lot of fun with my friends. I will return. But I have to say that I hate flying!"

Guillem Macarro, 4th A

"We did lots of things and visited really important places, but what I remember most are the weird and funny stories we lived, like that one when a strange guy appeared out of the blue and gave me a guitar! He came to me and told me: "Hey dude, do you want a free guitar?" And I, a bit confused, answered: "Yes, sure, man." And that was all, we had a guitar and, believe me, lots of other funny things happened with that guitar."

Mateu Pomerol, 4th C

"To be honest, I don't know why but at first I didn't want to go to Berlin, I think that I was too scared or too frightened. But now I can say that this trip has been amazing, and I am sure that I want to come back twice, once with my friends and once with my family".

Roger Ventura, 4th C

"I think that the most important thing is not where you go to, it is who you go with, and we enjoyed a lot the trip. I recommend that all future 4th ESO students go on a class trip because they will never forget it."

Alba Atencia, 4th C

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  1. Va ser un viatge memorable i un plaer acompanyar els alumnes de quart a Berlín. Les professores també en guardarem molt bon record!


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